FableFive: William Levin, Creative Consultant with FableVision Learning

From the studio to the classroom, William Levin loves animation. As a creative consultant with FableVision Learning, William brings his wealth of experience to the students in New York City’s District 75 as he guides them through making their stories move in Animation-ish. For this month’s FableFive we connected with William to share a bit about his work with D75 and beyond. 

1)  You have quite a resume; can you share a bit about your work in media? Maybe a fun story? 

Over the years, I’ve found myself creating animated shorts for some interesting clients, with diverse audiences ranging from Sesame Street to The New York Times. I love developing characters and telling stories, which is a challenge to accomplish within the few minutes my cartoons usually lasts.

A few years ago, as a big fan of the Battlestar Galactica reboot series on the SyFy Channel, I contacted prolific series composer Bear McCreary to ask if I could interview him for a new cartoon pilot I was pitching called "He Shoots, He Scores."  

Surprisingly, not only did McCreary respond to my inquiry and agree to participate, but he generously composed an original score for the cartoon! Soon after, McCreary won a Primetime Emmy. Coincidence?

2)  What is the role of animation in the classroom?

Animation can be used as a versatile tool in the classroom. Besides artistic expression, animation also helps students understand movement (physics), calculate timing (mathematics), tell a story (language and vocabulary), work as a team and develop computer skills. In some cases, animation can be therapeutic, especially for students who have difficulty with traditional educational methods.

3)  Rumor has it you’ve been working with students in D75 and the Microsoft Store, can you share a bit about this partnership and what you’ve been doing?

Since 2013, I have had the privilege of visiting D75 schools to teach special education teachers and students how to animate with computers. This year, FableVision Learning was fortunate to partner with Microsoft to bring the program to their flagship 5th Avenue Microsoft Store in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Twice a month, up to 24 students are bussed in from schools in NYC for a morning of learning FableVision’s Animation-ish software. The store provides the students with fantastic Surface Pro 4 tablets and digital styluses, and I present on a ceiling-to-floor display in the private third floor workshop venue. All the while, we are surrounded by cool sci-fi decor that creates an atmosphere of being onboard a spaceship. Virtual reality demo stations and glowing computer panels provide an inspiring backdrop for creative learning!

4)  What has been one “aha” moment this year working with students and Animation-ish? 

Many teachers have warned me about particular students—or entire classrooms—apologizing in advance for the disruption they are sure to cause during our animation class. In the four years I’ve been working with D75, not once has there ever been an issue of misbehaving students. In fact, many times those students about whom I received the strongest warnings turn out to be the most talented and ambitious artists. I’ve learned that if you put a new creative tool in the hands of a child, you will always be pleasantly surprised with the results.

5)  Can you give some tips/advice for aspiring animators? 

My most fulfilling work has always resulted from reaching out directly to someone and asking if they’d like an animation. If I send an email to 50 people, I might hear back from 5. And of those 5, one will take me up on the offer to produce an animation. Repeat this process as many times as it takes to make a living.

Cheering on Creative Educators this Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day is coming Feb. 23, and is a time for teachers and students to share how they are using technology in their classrooms. The FableVision Learning team can’t wait to see how you, the modern educator, are using creativity to engage your students and deepen their learning in the classroom.

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Fab@School Maker Studio is an easy-to-use web-based digital design and fabrication tool, that invites students to experience STEM and STEAM learning in a more engaging, personally meaningful way. From Denver to Massachusetts, students across the country are imagining, designing, inventing, and fabricating 2D designs, pop-ups, and 3D projects like geometric constructions and working machines. 
Check it out! 

From journaling to letter writing, Stationery Studio ignites students' writing with curriculum-based images, lessons, and activities designed to engage them in personalized learning. Here are just a few ways Stationery Studio has been used in the classroom. 



Animation-ish is an easy-to-use, leveled animation program that allows students to show what they know. Through three different levels of animation, students can visualize concepts and share their story in a personally meaningful way. Here are just a few examples of how Animation-is is used in the classroom. 

North Star Smart Stars Survey App is designed to let students envision many ways of being ‘smart’. If your student is not strong in one area of learning, this free iOS app allows them to discover their own unique constellation based on what they see as their individual interests, and hobbies, talents.

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The team at FableVision Learning want to hear how you are celebrating Digital Learning Day. Share your ideas with us on twitter, tag @FableLearn and use #DLDay and #CreateBravely. Be creative, innovative, and most importantly, have fun! 


Make Your Valentines Move with Animation-ish

It’s Valentine’s day, And it’s really quite ify;
I think I’ll start playing with Animation-ish-y!


Valentine’s Day is all about being creative so let’s make something with Animation-ish!

FableVision Learning’s Animation-ish is easy to use software that turns anyone into an animator in minutes! For teachers there’s a bonus, it can also be used in teaching and learning as a creative way for students to show what they know and can do in relation to content. Even making a simple Valentine encourages students to brainstorm, communicate, and Create Bravely!

Here’s a few quick ideas on how your students can animate a Valentine to show they care!

  • Create an animation of cupid delivering a Valentine
  • Write and animate a clever pun
  • Draw a simple heart.

All of this can be done with the paintbrush for making fine lines, or the bucket to put a splash of color in the art.

Ready? Set? GO ANIMATE!

Share your ideas with us! We want to see your creativity move. Tweet at @FableLearn using the #animationish #valentine