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Creativity is not an Option, it's Essential

Best-selling author/illustrator and creativity champion Peter H. Reynolds founded FableVision Learning with a dream to inspire teachers to find their own creativity and develop creativity tools for students.  

FableVision Learning provides support for educators around the world to nurture the 4Cs (plus 1): creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking — and compassion both in the classroom and out.

 Autographed Peter H. Reynolds' books are available at The Dot Central.

Autographed Peter H. Reynolds' books are available at The Dot Central.



Custom Innovation Programs

FableVision Learning's programs are customized to your needs when implementing communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and our specialty creativity, in your learning space.  

Our Creativity Programs Include:

  • Create Bravely 

  • Curriculum Design

  • Creative Assessment

  • CTE Program for Animation

  • STEAM-Infused Curriculum

  • Physical Space and Creativity Tools



Tools for the Classroom

FableVision Learning offers award-winning products and support that help all learners reach their true potential. Our tools are designed to get even the most reluctant student creating, designing, and sharing their voice.




All of the latest events from FableVision Learning

Check out all our latest events, or visit our Events page for more.


FableVision Learning Online Workshops - FLOW

Let your creativity flow with our short, cost effective online courses provide easy access to professional development. Our courses include new approaches to creative teaching topics as well as implementing our tools in the classroom. 

We aim to provide teachers a chance to stay abreast of ideas for the classroom, focusing on the whole child and creativity.  Certificate of professional development available.