Discover the Easy to Implement Fab@School Maker Studio Classroom

 Do you have great ideas and hopes for 3D printing in the classroom but find it hard to implement?

Fab@School Maker Studio provides a practical way to engage in design and fabrication.



It is now easier - and more affordable - than ever to inspire engineering in your classroom!

Fab@School Maker Studio Features

Fab@School Maker Studio is a research-based tool, developed in collaboration with the University of Virginia, SITE, and Reynolds Center TLC.


Create Your Fab@School Classroom

  • See your students working as engineers
  • Support your current standards and curriculum
  • Provide your students with authentic application of content
  • Stay on budget

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STEM Launch K-8
Thornton, CO

Sixth graders at STEM Launch K-8 used Fab@School Maker Studio to design tiny house models as part of their math Problem-Based Learning model, which allowed them to meet math standards while grappling with everyday problems. 

"This program helped us figure out the measurements and we determined how to scale it down by a third. We really liked the visual that the program gave us." — Eric D. 


International Schools Group Dammam 
Dammam, Saudi Arabia

In the Imaginasium at International Schools Group Dammam, students are using Fab@School Maker Studio to create paper geometric constructions and working machines. Students have clamored to create paper sculptures during their after school activities. One impressively savvy fourth grade girl even took the initiative to learn how to design with Fab@School Maker Studio all on her own! 


Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club
Yuma in Yuma, AZ

Lesson plans, display models, and curiosity abound at the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Yuma, where Fab@School Maker Studio is so popular that two classes had to be established to meet demand! While many projects have been created so far, Program Director Tania Pavlak also noted that top spinners and a bee are two stand-out favorites. 

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