Happy Thanksgiving from the FableVision Learning Team!

It was November 1621 when the newly arrived Pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe came together
for a celebration of an autumn harvest feast. And so began the complicated story of modern America.  

Click this poster for a downloadable version for your classroom!

Click this poster for a downloadable version for your classroom!

The beginning of our shared story - penned by bringing together two very different communities at one proverbial table - was underpinned by the 5C’s - communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and compassion. How differently the future chapters of the American story may have played out if we’d stuck to that framework. 

Moving forward, FableVision’s mission is to help steward the next generation of storytellers - here in the U.S. and around globe - to write stories that matter - stories that move. The creative educators we partner with every day know, as we do, that positive, purposeful stories can move the world to a better place. 

And so, the FableVision team are giving thanks this week to all our kindred spirits - like you - 
who are ready to create bravely with their students. Looking forward to your stories in the coming weeks, months, and years!

Thankful for YOU,
FableVision Learning Team 

P.S.  Click here to view a special Thanksgiving e-card created by William Levin, our on-the-ground FableVision trainer supporting NYC's District 75's Middle School After School Program.  Students at District 75, the largest special needs district in the nation, are enjoying using FableVision's Animation-ish software to share their own #storiesthatmatter