Fab@School Maker Studio Design Contest

 Build a Vehicle that "Goes Places"

We want to see YOUR creativity shine in the first ever Maker Studio Design Contest!   

What to Do: Watch the 4Cs Above & Beyond video animated by FableVision Studios, or read the book version of the film, Going Placesby Paul and Peter H. Reynolds. Then, using Fab@School Maker Studio, construct a vehicle that can go places. It could be a go-cart, but as Maya says in the book, "Who said it had to be a go-cart?"

Fab@School Maker Studio Design Contest

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Here's where you can tell us a bit about yourself and your vehicle. What makes it special? If you have a link to a video of your vehicle or a photograph, please email it to Andrea Calvin at andrea@fablevisionlearning.com.

How to Enter: Once you have your design constructed, fill out the form to enter the contest. To complete your entry, email your design to Andrea Calvin at andrea@fablevisionlearning.com

Deadline: July 31, 2016

Prize: The winner will be announced on Aug. 15, 2016. The winning design will be featured in the Maker Studio program as a Ready-Made project for others to enjoy. The winner will also receive a free, signed and personalized copy of Paul and Peter H. Reynolds' award winning book, Going Places, a certificate, and a signed "Create, Make, Innovate!" Maker Space art print by Peter to keep or gift to your school/public library. 

The FableVision Team can't wait to see your designs!

Even entries that don't win the grand prize will be honored in the Maker Studio online gallery.

Questions: info@fablevisionlearning.com