15 Days and 15 Ways to Celebrate Dot Day

Join over 8 million students, teachers, and librarians this International Dot Day, celebrating creativity and courage in 168 countries on or around September 15th-ish! To support your International Dot Day festivities, we assembled this handy list of 15 ways in 15 days to celebrate Dot Day.

Dot Interactive Logo

1) Discover The Dot

Read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds to see where all of this started - you can grab a copy over at The Blue Bunny Books & Toys online store or even bring an interactive version of The Dot into your classroom with Big Screen Books. Big Screen Books allows K-5 students to explore and interact with The Dot, and includes an optional narration by Peter H. Reynolds and a special “Meet the Author” video.

2) Register Your Class

Join the growing community celebrating International Dot Day by registering over at The Dot Club! You can also download our FREE Educator’s Handbook for Dot Day, which features student handouts by Peter H. Reynolds and Dot Day activities by creative educators.

3) Get Inspired by the First Dot Day Class

Learn what Dot Day means to the students of the first class to ever participate in Dot Day, straight from the students themselves. In this video, seniors from Traer, Iowa, who first celebrated Dot Day as fourth graders in 2009, reflect on the history and growth of this creativity movement.

4) Check Out Celebri-dots

Head over to the Celebri-dots website to check out dots created by a variety of individuals, from authors and illustrators to actors and astronauts! Packed with dots from all walks of life - paint dots, pie dots, and even Earth dots - you’ll be sure to find inspiration there.

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5) Dot Day Song

Listen, sing, and move to "The Dot Song" with kidlit singer/songwriter Emily Arrow!

Dot Day Resources

6) Gear Up

Stock up on official International Dot Day gear by visiting The Blue Bunny Books & Toys online store for materials such as an autographed copy of The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, sticker packs, t-shirts, and posters! If you want even more Dot Day gear, you can also download free multi-language Dot Day posters and free Dot Day bookmarks.

7) Poke Around Pinterest

Still don’t have enough dots in your day for Dot Day? Visit our International Dot Day Pinterest board to see how others celebrate Dot Day with activities, resources, and more!

8) Download Quiver

Quiver brings your 2D art to life through 3D augmented reality so you can interact with your Dot Day artwork in exciting new ways! Download the free Quiver - 3D Coloring App and print out this template to get started.

9) Connect the Dots with Other Teachers  

Looking to "connect the dots" with other classrooms nationally and internationally on Dot Day? Whether it's through email or web-based video connection, use the Dot Day Google Doc to make connections. Thanks to creative librarian/educators Shannon McClintock Miller @shannonmmiller, Andy Plemmons @plemmonsa, and Matthew Winner @matthewwinner for overseeing this effort!

FableVision Learning Chat

10) International Dot Day Twitter Chat on Sept. 7

Join the International Dot Day excitement during the first #FableLearnChat on Thursday, Sept. 7, at 7 p.m. (EST). Share how you have celebrated International Dot Day in the past and get ideas for 2017! Special thanks to John Long, Technology Program Specialist at School District of Palm Beach County, for helping host this chat!

11) You're Invited to the Livestream Celebration of International Dot Day on KidLit TV!

KidLit TV will once again be helping celebrate International Dot Day this year on Friday, Sept. 15, at 1 p.m. (EST) - with a LIVE streaming special hosted in NYC! The show will feature Dot Day Founder Terry Shay, Peter H. Reynolds, and fellow illustrators from the world of children's literature - all inspiring children and grown-up children around the globe to make their mark!

12) Fabricate Your Dot

Fab@School Maker Studio is a perfect tool for cultivating your inventive spirit! With this paper prototyping and fabrication software, flex your design muscles and create 2D, Pop-up, and 3D paper models inspired by The Dot. It’s easy to get your design mind rolling when you start small - you can always try again and again! Try fabricating dots that fold, roll, spin, or transform!

Dot Fabrication Model

13) Make Your Mark Move

With Animation-ish it’s never been easier to bring your drawings to life. Three distinct levels let you practice and animation motion techniques by making your dots roll, bounce, squish, grow, morph, and much more. What can your dots do? Just make your mark and see where it take you!

14) Find Your Ramon

Just like Vashti’s teacher encouraged her to “make her mark,” Vashti later used what she learned to encourage Ramon to make his own mark. Now’s your chance - go out and find your Ramon and encourage them to make their mark too!

15) Share Your Mark

Share your mark and connect with the International Dot Day community through social media! There are over 8 million individuals from 168 countries participating in International Dot Day, so make sure to share your mark with all of them across social media with #MakeYourMark and with the official Dot Club Twitter feed @DotClubConnect!