Mapping the World by Heart Teacher's Guide

Mapping the World by Heart Teacher's Guide


If you placed blank sheets of paper in front of your students, could they draw a detailed map of the entire world? It may seem hard to believe, but after exploring the innovative Mapping the World by Heart curriculum, grade 5-12 students have a comprehensive knowledge of geography that allows them to map the world entirely from memory!

Mapping the World by Heart Comprehensive Teacher's Guide:

  • Contains detailed lesson plans and reproducibles for students.
  • Three supplements for teachers who wish to focus on a special area – Mapping Canada by Heart, Mapping the U.S. by Heart, and Mapping Mexico by Heart.
  • Includes one map set. Additional map sets available here.

Mapping the World by Heart Map Set:

  • 10 regional maps and 7 world maps.
  • 8 blank grids and filled-in outline maps for the United States, Mexico, Canada, and North America.

The Mapping the World by Heart Teacher's Guide and Map Set are physical products that will be shipped after purchase.

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Additional map sets available here: