FableVision Learning’s Animation CTE Program


Discover our Creativity to Careers Program!

FableVision Learning’s Animation-ish software is the first step in a creativity career path. The award-winning Animation-ish software is based on professional Toon Boom software, used by major animation studios. Designed by award winning author/illustrator/educator Peter H. Reynolds with his team at FableVision, the program has 3 levels of animation starting with the simple and moving to advanced.

Now you can have a Middle School Animation CTE program in YOUR school with these CUSTOMIZABLE OPTIONS:

Industry Certification by Summit Global  - platform for FableVision Learning, Toon Boom and Automotive ASE.

Industry Certification by Summit Global - platform for FableVision Learning, Toon Boom and Automotive ASE.

Approved for CAPE Digital Tools

Approved for CAPE Digital Tools

  • Industry Certification via Summit Group - Certification is the first step towards industry recognized animation credential.

  • Digital Badging - Share your achievements with peers and potential employers and validate your skills

  • Curriculum and training for schools to provide animation CTE classes from middle school to high school.

  • Animation software

  • Links to our own animators and studio with virtual field trips to FableVision Studios

  • Online courses for schools who can not provide their own courses

The goal of our Creativity to Careers program is to engage students in creative career explorations at the middle school level to increase high school graduation rates and most importantly, jobs! 

This program will give students the opportunity to explore animation before committing to a 2-year program at the high school level. Students will develop core skills needed to be successful beyond high school, experiencing an authentic application of creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Many schools use animation in middle school for content and creativity.  Now we can help add career exploration, whether in an after school program or an elective class. 

Teachers don't need to be worried about being outside their comfort zone -- we have curriculum and training to implement a certified CTE program. 

For more information, email info@fablevisionlearning.com.