Classroom Creativity Contest with LilySarahGrace and FableVision Learning

The following blog post was written by the team at LilySarahGrace. FableVision Learning is honored to partner with the nonprofit for the Classroom Creativity Contest

LilySarahGrace is incredibly excited to collaborate with FableVision Learning on the Classroom Creativity Contest. Knowing firsthand how important the arts and creativity are to learning, this is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to showcase the magic that happens when children are allowed to express their understanding of curricula through methods that come naturally to them.

LilySarahGrace is a national nonprofit that works to infuse the arts and creativity into everyday classroom learning experiences, based on the belief that all children learn differently. Through our work, we seek to transform public elementary school classrooms into child-centered learning environments that meet the needs of ALL learners.

Our goal is to bring the Arts and Creativity back into classrooms through a method of teaching we have designed based on best practice and a unique pairing of the power of arts integration and the depth of inquiry. AIIBL™ (Arts-Infused Inquiry-Based Learning) is dynamic, highly engaging, and  - most importantly - inclusive to each and every learner. Additionally, we also provide the supplies for integrated AIIBL™ experiences to the neediest classrooms across the nation through our grants program.

LilySarahGrace was founded in 2012 by Matthew Badger and Abby Ballin in loving memory of Lily, Sarah and Grace Badger in order to celebrate what the girls loved most in life – the Arts. In their name, we have become a organization that works to ensure every student receives the best education they can; because all children have the ability – and the right – to succeed. Today, LSG’s professional development program has engaged with over 175 teachers in continuous coaching and on-site training in implementing AIIBL™ practices into everyday classroom experiences and our grants have provided much-needed classroom supplies to 2,250 classroom projects, reaching more than 190,000 students in all 50 states. To learn more about their work, visit them at:

The Classroom Creativity Challenge runs through Nov. 15, at 8 p.m. EST. For more information, visit the site, here

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