Let's Have a High-Tech Dot Day!

Want to incorporate technology into your Dot Day festivities but don't know how to get started? Check out these high-tech-inspired projects! And be sure to share your own ideas with us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter:

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1. Fabricate Dot Day Projects With Fab@School Maker Studio

Students can use Fab@School Maker Studio to make their mark. Try your hand at creating a Dot Day pop-up or assembling an automaton (found in the ready-mades folder). They can also let their creativity run free by creating their own Dot Day projects!

2. Make Your Mark Move With Animation-ish

Have your students create animations using Animation-ish. Already have the program and ready to get started? Download Peter H. Reynolds' official International Dot Day starter animation for Animation-ish here.

3. Experience Augmented Reality With QuiverVision's 3D Coloring App 

Imagine turning your 2D Dot Day dot design into a 3D sphere. With QuiverVision's coloring page and 3D Coloring App you can do just that! Print the coloring page, download the app (Apple App Store, Google Play), and you'll be all set to start making your mark! 

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