FableVision Learning Launches Year-Long Creative Learning Curriculum in NY DOE’s District 75

In a collaboration with FableVision Learning, the New York City’s Department of Education’s District 75 is accelerating its innovative effort to foster creative self-expression with special needs students. 

District 75 is the nation’s largest special education district providing critical educational and support services to 58 school organizations. Through its Middle School After School Digital Content & Literacy Curriculum program, students will be engaged in a rigorous, year-long exploration of literacy, creativity, and STEM using two complementary, award-winning creative learning software programs, My Awesome Publishing Company and Animation-ish.

Student in New York City's District 75 Using Creativity Software Program

Student in New York City's District 75 Using Creativity Software Program

Both tools were inspired by FableVision founder and New York Times best-selling author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds  (Judy Moody, The Dot, Ish, Sky Color, and The North Star).

 “Our mission for nearly two decades has been to help ALL learners navigate their full potential – no matter what their abilities,” Reynolds said. “We’re looking forward to working together with District 75 for many years to come – inviting all these students to use their creativity to make their mark.” 

Special Needs Student in NYC Using Technology to Foster Creative Self-Expression

Special Needs Student in NYC Using Technology to Foster Creative Self-Expression

Donna Dimino, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction in D75, said,  “In the words of Albert Einstein, ‘It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.’ The mission of District 75 is to promote challenging educational experiences with equity of opportunity and access that will enable our special needs students, commensurate with their abilities, to become participants and contributing members of a multicultural society. We believe our collaboration with FableVision will bring this vision to a reality in our schools.”

The Digital Content & Literacy Curriculum supports students in writing, publishing and animation through the use of FableVision award-winning software tools. 

My Awesome Publishing Company is an online software platform, which provides scaffolding for developing the writing process and offers students the option to publish their very own hard cover books as well as digital books.  The software was co-developed by FableVision and Lulu Jr., which is part of Lulu Press, the world’s first self-publishing platform.

After writing their books, students will animate their stories using FableVision’s Animation-ish software. Both programs are hosted by Peter H. Reynolds, who is known around the world as a champion for creativity in learning

The FableVision/Lulu teams will continue to support D75 teachers and students throughout the year culminating in a district-wide celebration of creativity. FableVision's Dr. Denine Jimmerson is taking the lead on designing and implementing teaching, learning, evaluation and measurement of this program – and overseeing the implementation of rubric-based tools and reporting systems.