Creativity shines at Georgetown Middle High School

The following guest blog post is from Mary Lyon at the Georgetown Middle High School in Massachusetts. The school holds an annual Creativity Showcase for the students. Paul Reynolds will be keynoting this year’s event on Nov. 5, 2015.   

Innovation has changed the course of history. The 20th and 21st centuries have seen an acceleration of technological and social advancement. Students have the power to be a part of innovation and change. Georgetown High School believes that creative problem solving nurtures and develops skills that will enhance their ability to perform and function in this ever changing environment.

Inspired by the need for creativity and innovation in the workplace, Georgetown Middle High School Principal Peter Lucia instituted a “Creativity” graduation requirement for freshman. Taught by the Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology department, the quarter long course teaches creative problem solving. Creativity, Inspiration, and Innovation (CII) is a hands-on course where creativity is explored as the basis of future entrepreneurial and business endeavors. Students learn creative problem solving techniques, design unique solutions to problems and explore various technologies to present and model their innovations.

The course culminates with a “Creativity Showcase” where students proudly present their innovations to parents, other students and the community. Their projects range from high tech gadgets prototyped using 3D printed models, apps designed using prototyping software, and media presentations describing their unique service. Some of this year's projects include a pen that writes in specific fonts, a website for special concert events, shoes to help people with diabetes, and many more.

Georgetown Middle High School is honored to have Paul Reynolds introduce the showcase on Thursday, Nov. 5, and explain the importance of creativity in learning and business.

Kathy LoukosComment