Animate Your Dot for International Dot Day! It's Easy & Fun

Animation-ish Dot Animations
Animation-ish Dot Animations

This International Dot Day, make your mark MOVE! There are many ways to animate a dot, including using software, apps, a paper flip pad, stop motion with clay or objects... the options are endless. Here's one easy way to bring your dot to life:

1. Download the free 15-day trial of of Peter H. Reynolds' Animation-ish software.

2. Create your film in Animation-ish. Start in the first level — in just three drawings, you can animate your dot. Save your files, and be sure to sign them.

Here are a helpful Quick Start guide and how-to video.

3. When you're done, click the "Share" button to export as a Quicktime movie (.mov).

4. Proudly share your animated dot! If you want, email us your movie and we'll post it to our blog. Too big to email? Use a free program like Hightail.

Here are a few fun samples by students and the FableVision team:

Don't worry about making your animation perfect! Be brave like Vashti - start by making your mark and then building from there.

Remember to send us your animations so we can share them with the world. We can't wait to see what you come up with!