International Dot Day

dotday_solo_final Peter H. Reynolds' book "The Dot" is about to have a sixth birthday. It's original Candlewick Press publication date was September 15, 2003. Celebrations will happen all around the world to commemorate this classic book that has inspired so many.

Here is how you can take part. On or around September 15, read the book "The Dot" to some kids or adult kids. Then have them paint dots. Huge dots, little dots, dots without painting dots, you know how it goes. Take pictures and/or video of the dot creation (or the final project) and email them to Even if you aren’t currently in a classroom, you can do this with your family or a group of friends. Paint your own happy, creative, joyful dot! Frame the final project and join in the fun!!!The author, Peter H. Reynolds, wrote this about Dot Day, "Spread the word... Dot Day.. read The Dot, wear dots, eat dots, draw dots, frame dots, connect the dots, splurge on art supplies, try a new medium - a new instrument, write a poem, rearrange your furniture, reconnect the dots with an old friend, make something, make something with a friend, share your creativity with the world. No strict rules on how to celebrate!"