The Blue Shoes

A Fable Friend sent this email about the Telefable, "The Blue Shoes""I wrote to you when I first got Blue Shoes several years ago. I want to reiterate how wonderful it is. As a school counselor I am always looking for ways to teach the children. I use Blue Shoes to teach diversity and friendship. I show that video and then we have discussions according to the grade level. The video works so well. I only have 30 minutes in a classroom. The video is short which leaves me plenty of time to develop the concept with the children. I would love to have a whole room full of videos like this that would teach such a profound lesson with such simplicity. I always have ideas. Maybe I should share them with you. Thanks again for such a great product." Jan WaringCheck out "The Blue Shoes" and other Telefables here.FableVision Library - The Blue Shoe