MAX'S TOOLBOX: ReTOOLed and Better than Ever!

Max and Maxine are BACK, and they're ready to help your students “show what they know" with an even better version of MAX'S TOOLBOX!

It’s here! FableVision Learning is excited to announce the new, even more engaging version of the best-selling software suite - Max’s Toolbox!  This kid-friendly “on-ramp” to Microsoft Office Suite (PowerPoint, Word, and Excel) has quickly become a teacher favorite - helping introduce students to one of the world’s most ubiquitous communication and project toolset. 

Learning along side the dynamic duo of Max and Maxine, your classroom will explore their creative and critical thinking skills, while they learn how to write fun stories, make exciting slideshows and presentations, and work together to produce awesome graphs! And with new text-to-voice technology, Max and Maxine will be there every step of the way!

To celebrate this new release, we’d like to offer you a free downloadable Max’s Toolbox poster from Peter H. Reynolds for you and your classroom to enjoy! Just click the artwork. If you would like more FableVision posters and other free resources, head on over to our Membership Rewards page!

A Winter of Resilience: A New Poster by Peter H. Reynolds

Here is a new poster from Peter H. Reynolds, celebrating RESILIENCE— one of the most powerful tools a person can have in their life-journey toolbox. We can only reach mastery if we keep going— and by being okay with some “ish-ful” perfection along the way. We hope this poster serves as a helpful reminder of this, and gives you some gentle encouragement.

We hope you enjoy it, and here’s to a warm, sunny spring.

For more posters, head on over to our membership rewards page.

Support and Resources for Stationery Studio

Thanks to those who responded to last week’s email and offered their support and resources for Stationery Studio.  We would like to offer a special thanks to Kerri for her great review on Stationery Studio and Agnes for the wonderful resources she has shared with us.  Please view the submissions below and make sure to download a copy of the resources offered:

Kerri Bryant (Dedham, MA):

“I have found using Stationery Studio incredibly beneficial to my second grade classroom. The students love being able to type their hard work on fancy paper.  Teaching them the importance of being an author, having the "tool" to have grown up paper can really help reluctant writers. It can also help students who don't love illustrating their writing but what their story to look fancy. I find printing out the paper for different science studies very motivating to them as well. Also, when sending notes home to parents, I love being able to type it up on cute paper to help make it more eye catching. Thanks for such a great service.”

Agnes (New Jersey):

“Take Along Books are fun and easy to author!  Stationery Studio templates can be exported as JPEGs into Keynote to create exciting books to read on iPads.  Below are tips for easy authoring with Stationery Studio & Keynote.  Stationery Studio templates can also be exported as jpegs into PowerPoint to create books to read on computers and tablets.”

Dropbox links to downloads:Stationery Studio-PowerPoint-iPad Authoring Tips Take Along Books and Stationery Studio Stationery Studio Game Cards Stationery Studio Game Board