Discover Words and Their Stories, based on our patented WATS™ System for online vocabulary development — with updated platform for improved access.


Words And Their Stories (WATS) is an award-winning web-based vocabulary program that engages students in grades 5-12 with the stories behind words.

Words and Their Stories requires students to apply etymology and critical thinking skills (application, analysis, synthesis) in a sequential, inductive process to develop true understanding of word meaning.

Delivered through engaging multimedia, Words and Their Stories actually makes vocabulary study fun and effective while:

  • Building vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.

  • Fostering the development of critical thinking skills

  • Supporting the love of word acquisition.

Students experience:

  • A compelling game, while exploring academic vocabulary.

  • A series of clues helping unravel each word's meaning

  • The ability to track personal progress and watch vocabulary skills improve.

Words And Their Stories includes over 1,000 vocabulary words.

  • Six levels of difficulty

  • Thousands of related words


About the WATS™ System:

A game-like experience leads students through clues for each word. Rather than relying on rote memorization, students must apply etymology and critical thinking skills in a sequential, inductive process to unravel and understand each word's definition.

  • First: An illustrative story of the derivation of each word

  • Clue #1: Applying information contained in the derivation

  • Clue #2: Drawing upon prior knowledge

  • Clue #3: Inferring meaning from context

  • Clue #4: Completing an analogy

  • Clue #5: Analyzing context to complete a sentence

Following each Clue, students receive immediate feedback that explains the correct answer and purposefully prepares them for the next Clue. After the fifth Clue, they are provided with a precise dictionary-style definition and a Bonus Word(s).

Product Format

Words And Their Stories is web-based and mobile responsive. Students can log in to their accounts from any computer connected to the Internet. Subscriptions are annual.

Teachers can track students' progress from the Teacher Dashboard.

  • Track student's improvement from Pre-test to Post-test.

  • Drill down and find out how your student is doing in each type of word clue.

  • See scores for each level of the program.

  • See which words your student completed, and the points they earned for each.

  • Filter words by level of difficulty and/or theme, which makes lesson creation easy.

  • Add your own words to the program.

  • Create custom word lists to match curriculum you are studying.

  • Create printable quizzes from any list.

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