Web Wandering

In our cyber-travels we have found some sites that offer some great ideas and thinking about learning, teaching and technology. Here are a few with more to come. Please send us other recommendations!

Can Do!
An ability focused web site dedicated to helping all people develop a "can-do" attitude and approach to life... no matter what the obstacles.
Presented by North Star friend Maribeth Bush.

FableVision teamed up with Verizon to create this interactive site filled with activities for kids. Featuring The Peetnik Mysteries, created by Peter H. Reynolds.

The Wild, Wacky and Wonderful World of Gary Stager
Gary is a pioneer in helping teachers create learning environments designed to support personal computing and adapt to the changes in curriculum, assessment, and professional development that will follow.

Kieran Egan's Home Page
Author of Teaching As Story Telling: An Alternative Approach to
Teaching and Curriculum in the Elementary School

Ed's Oasis
Providing links to what educators around the country recommend as the most engaging student-centered web sites, AND examples demonstrating effective classroom Internet use from successful teachers.

The Read In!
The Read In Foundation, Inc. created The Read In! to promote and encourage global literacy and the use of telecommunications technology in education through partnerships with public and private educational institutions, corporations, governments, and private citizens worldwide.

The Internet Public Library Youth Division
For students, parents, and educators, this site is chock full of fun and useful resources - from links to online picture books, to helpful HTML hints, to arts and crafts... and everything in between.

Institute for Research and Learning
A research group with an aim to create enriching learning environments.

Academy of Achievement
This site highlights people's lives who have achieved their dreams.

Project Zero
An educational research group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education which investigates the development of learning processes in both children and adults.

Creativity Web
This site provides resources for Creativity and Innovation.

Pathways to School Improvement
A great place that provides resources for meaningful learning.

The Efficacy Institute
Critical Issue: Working toward student self-direction and personal efficacy as educational goals.

Thomas B. Fordham Foundation
America's children are America's future. Unfortunately, our education system is shortchanging them. The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation's Educational Excellence Network is working to change that.

Educational Renaissance Planners
Founded by Alan November to promote the effective use of information and communication technologies that support and enhance learning for children and communities.

Ability OnLine Support Network
An electronic mail system that connects young people with disabilities or chronic illness to disabled and non-disabled peers and mentors.

Learn and Serve America
A grants program that supports teachers and community members who involve young people in service that relates to studies in school. More specifically, Learn and Serve America funds service-learning programs.

The Computer Learning Foundation
An international nonprofit education foundation dedicated to helping parents and educators use technology effectively with children at home and at school

Musical EdVentures
Home of "Edly's Music Theory for Practical People" and more. . .