The Museum


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The Museum by Susan Verde
Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds
Hardcover Book — 32 Pages (Abrams Books)

Welcome to The MuseumStep inside, no. . . skip inside to experience a spirit-lifting day of looking, exploring, interacting, and connecting with art — and feel the emotions that art can inspire in all of us.

Students love moving from gallery to gallery with the exuberant and deeply feeling young girl at the heart ofThe Museum, as she poses, twirls, and swirls from one work of art to the next, sometimes stopping to analyze, sometimes pausing to observe an artwork that catches her eye, and sometimes engaging her imagination to more deeply experience the art before her.

Over the course of the book, our young visitor's emotions range from giddy and silly, to contemplative, to sad, to frightened, and ultimately, to elation. Finally, as her day draws to an end, she realizes the power that exists within her imagination to create her own works of art. Inspired by her experiences at The Museum, she knows that those experiences will live on in her heart and mind forever.