Terry Shay

Terry Shay Large Photo.jpg

Terry is the Lead Ambassador for FableVision Learning. He first learned about FableVision through the software Stationery Studio and is thrilled at the opportunity to now work with two heroes, Peter H. Reynolds and Dr. Peggy Healy Stearns. Terry wrote lessons that are included with Animation-ish Educator Version.

Terry spends his day in a K-12 grade music classroom in a small town in Iowa. Asked to describe their teacher, a student said, "His personality is charming and sophisticated, and his smile and creativity in the classroom seem to brighten the people around him. There is energy behind everything he does as a teacher that flows to the students... he always found a unique way to present information... a new way to look at things. It is refreshing to have a teacher so energetic and so dedicated to creating variety and excitement in the classroom. Mr. Shay is supportive and motivational."

A former student said, "Mr. Shay is an amazing teacher and mentor. His learning environment is always upbeat and fun, but at the same time down to business and mission driven. He has always been there for his students and doesn't mind going out of his way to help a student who needs it."

He has a Bachelor's degree in music education and a Master's degree in Education Technology from the University of Northern Iowa. He lives in Waterloo, Iowa with his wife who is a high school English and International Baccalaureate teacher.

Terry can be reached at terry@fablevisionlearning.com