FableVision Partners With Woburn Public Library & Dover Town Library to Launch First-Ever Inter-Library Digital Publishing Festival 


Inaugural Halloween-Themed “Monster Book Mash” Invites Kids to Write, Design, Publish & Share Their Own Digital Books, September 18 to October 31

Monster Book Mash

Creative educational resources company FableVision Learning, founded by New York Times best-selling author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds, is excited to unveil its partnership with two Massachusetts’ public libraries to launch the first-ever inter-library digital publishing festival. Elementary school aged children at Woburn Public Library and Dover Town Library are invited to participate in the inaugural program called Monster Book Mash, appropriately themed for Halloween as the program, which kicks-off on Sept. 18 at both library locations, and will culminate on Oct. 31. The organizers hope the collaboration will serve as a national model for showcasing how modern, public libraries provide and support both physical and digital tools for creative self-expression, as well as for connecting communities using new technologies. 

 “Libraries aren’t just a place to find books. Libraries can be a place where you can actually write books, publish them using digital tools - and share your creative work with others around the globe.  Yes, we support knowledge discovery and literacy, but we’re as equally committed to the creative application of knowledge in society. Our kids need that creative edge as they navigate the increasing challenges they face in the world,” Woburn Public Library’s Director Bonnie Roaslen said. 

 “I’ve always been a huge advocate of libraries,” Reynolds shares, “As a kid, I not only fell in love with reading, but was inspired to create my own books. So, I’m thrilled to partner with these two amazing public libraries in Woburn and Dover to encourage kids - just like I did - to spark their imaginations, create positive stories, and share their voice with the world.”  

Children participating in the program will be encouraged to write stories about monsters who defy stereotypes, and who are actually playful, friendly, funny, empathetic, brave, grateful, honest, patient, forgiving, civil, helpful, and kind.  In this way, students will also be creatively learning and embracing key social emotional skills, and bringing them to life through their stories. 

Students will be using FableVision Learning’s new digital storybook creation platform Get Published!, hosted by Reynolds (Judy Moody, The Dot, Ish, Going Places, Say Something.)  Get Published!, a web-based digital publishing platform for K-8 students, features Reynolds as host of both a virtual publishing academy and online design studio. Through videos and activities, Reynolds shares real-world tips on developing characters and storylines, the value of collaboration and editing, and the joy of publishing books.

Books are saved in virtual bookshelves where they can be shared with classmates, and printed as eBooks. Hard copies of books can also be ordered. During the Monster Book Mash month, the libraries are planning weekly Wednesday afternoon workshops, which will feature video coaching from Reynolds and a range of hands-on physical creative activities as well as digital creation tools. 

 “At Dover Town Library we’re all about maximizing access to new ways of learning for the entire community, and providing a library that is essentially without walls by using digital technologies to connect, learn and build community, “says Dover Town Library’s Director Cheryl Abdullah.That’s why Monster Book Mash will be offering virtual meetups between the two libraries using online video conferencing.”