FableVision Learning's Custom Innovation Programs

We work with districts to customize the implementation of 21st century programs around the 4Cs. Whether it is support in getting the going, with the design of curriculum and rubrics, monitoring or assessment, our team of professionals can help you achieve your goals. Each on-site program can be customized the needs of your district or school. 

Our Creativity Programs

Create Bravely

Create Bravely: Professional Development Workshop

To embed change in the classroom, teachers first need to feel confident in themselves. This on-site program provides tools to inspire front-line educators to gain confidence in innovation and creativity in the classroom. Through the Create Bravely Workshop, we can provide onsite PD as well as curriculum design and rubrics to accelerate the pace of change.  

cur design

Curriculum Design and Assessment for 21st Century Skills

Whether in-school or for an after-school program, FableVision Learning can provide the curriculum, rubrics, and assessment for creativity-based programs such as Digital Storytelling, the Power of Play in Literacy, and the Power of Play in Math. We have experience in helping educators select and implement creativity tools that help students show what they know. In addition we've worked with districts design data assessment measuring creativity and the 4Cs.


Animation CTE Program for Middle School

FableVision Learning's Animation CTE Program shows you how to take a middle school creativity tool and map a road to a career. Through the CTE program, we provide the curriculum for either a supplemental course or an after-school course and train your teachers to deliver the program.  We also offer online teaching of the course and accreditation for students.


STEAM-Infused Curriculum

The STEAM-Infused curriculum series helps schools and after school programs easily implement a STEAM program without the struggles of planning and preparation. All the components of the program can be delivered through your staff or ours and can be customized for your individual needs.  Each STEAM-Infused program is based on discrete 8-hour courses that includes Inspiration, Discovery, Design, and Fabrication. These programs also focus on the integration of literacy with STEAM and encourage storytelling alongside learning science and math skills.  Learn More.


Space and Creativity Tools

Through the FableWorx program, we can help you design your physical space as well as choose digital and physical tools from vendors across a spectrum of online interactive games, robots, coding tools, and more. Learn More