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A Thinking Journey

Start your class on a creative thinking journey with these tips from Peter H. Reynolds on living with purpose. Choose from two options or hang up both!

Created by Peter H. Reynolds, these posters provide gentle reminders and inspiration for students and teachers. Feel free to download, print, and share these posters with your students and colleagues! Click on the images below to download the printable PDF versions.

Think Globally

Inspire your students to think globally with this poster featuring an illustration by Peter H. Reynolds. With a quote from David Smith (creator of Mapping the World by Heart™), this poster will help inspire your students to become members of the global community.

Outside the Box Thinker

Learning to think independently is an essential skill of all creative learners. Inspire your students to be original by hanging this beautiful poster in your classroom!

I Believe in Me!

Give your students the confidence to put pen to paper and express themselves. This PDF includes two versions of this beautiful poster featuring a poem by Peter H. Reynolds to inspire everyone to reach for the stars!

The 21st Century Educator

Peter H. Reynolds Skyped in to the Thinkfinity Soirée at TCEA 2011 (TX) to create this downloadable poster with the help of over 100 educators! Conference attendees called out words to describe the 21st Century Texas educator as Peter created this illustration live. We know these positive words apply to you as well!  By the way - you can replicate this fabulous activity in your classroom in ANY subject! For example, have students volunteer descriptions of a 21st Century classroom while their classmates illustrate their words. Tip: Try creating a classroom animation with our free trial of Animation-ish™!

I'm an Ishful Thinker

It's all too easy to get caught up in making everything as perfect as can be. Hang up this beautiful poster by Peter H. Reynolds as a gentle reminder to look at things from an ishful perspective. Let your creative side take flight and watch the magic unfold!

The Freedom to Dream

This painting, created for a special project at the Children's Museum of Manhattan, reminds us to keep dreaming. Together we can help all learners move their lives, and the world, to a better place.

Best Year Yet

Working together we can make this year the best year yet!

Guiding Stars

What inspires you? What makes your journey great? To see how members of an audience of 1,500 answered those questions, download this poster. As you gaze at the stars, think about your own personal constellation.

21st Century Kid

What does a 21st Century Kid look like? What qualities and values make him or her unique? Check out this poster and be inspired!

The 5 B’s

Make your journey a meaningful one. Here are 5 B’s to help you along your path.

Brightest Stars

Teachers are among the brightest stars in our constellation. Download this poster to celebrate the many ways in which teachers help others navigate their true potential.

Do You Have Fuel for Your Journey?

As you embark on your mission, make sure you have fuel for the journey! Check out this poster for the skills and qualities that will make any journey a success.

I Am Not the Test Score

If I love you ...