Get Inspired with FableVision Learning's
Custom Workshops and Full Year Professional Development Programs

At FableVision Learning we understand that every organization has different needs. We develop a relationship with you to design professional development programs that align with your culture, your goals, and your budget. Our workshop engagements can be as short as one day or as long as several weeks. We also highly recommend our Full Year Professional Development Programs to support the program’s sustainability and long-term success. We are able to present to large audiences or facilitate more specialized hands-on learning opportunities with any size group. We specialize in blended learning, project-based learning, change leadership, and in inspiring thoughtful leadership development.  


Getting Started in Fab@School Maker Studio

During this workshop educators will learn the basics of Fab@School Maker Studio: creating simple machines, 3D models, and more; and how to integrate this tool with curriculum.


Getting Started in Get Published!

This workshop will inspire educators to be creative, and to enhance their planning, writing, revision and collaboration skills in the alignment of writing instruction to the 21st Century Learning framework. 


Getting Started in Animation-ish

This workshop gives educators the opportunity to play with animation and learn more about animation across content. The workshop’s participants collaborate and bring back the knowledge and tools that are needed to implement creative animation with rigorous instruction and to use creative assessment strategies to help identify gaps in student understanding and drive instructional decision-making.

Virtual Workshops 

The Creativity Maker Suite and PBL in K-2

Workshop participants learn how the Creativity Maker Suite can be applied with projects that ignite curiosity in young children.

Creative Assessment and the Creativity Maker Suite

Participants examine assessing students without them even knowing they are being assessed! The Creativity Maker Suite gives students tools to show what they know and can do in new and exciting ways.

The Creativity Maker Suite and the Flipped Classroom

How can teachers use the Creativity Maker Suite in a flipped classroom? This workshop provides teachers with the strategies and tools needed to successfully implement innovation and differentiation.

International Baccalaureate and the Creativity Maker Suite

This virtual workshop investigates how the Creativity Maker Suite allows students to connect to the real world by using in-depth inquiry.

Developing the 4 Cs (plus one) Through Creativity Maker Suite

This virtual workshop explores strategies to help students develop five key skills for college, careers, & citizenship: creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and compassion.

Create a Classroom Maker Space Workshop

This workshop encourages its participants to Create Bravely through the exploration of our featured products, Fab@School Maker Studio, Animation-ish, and Get Published. Participants will learn how to create a classroom maker-space that inspires students to deepen their understanding of key concepts and skills with rigor! 

Project-Based Learning and Assessment Workshop

This workshop explores the why’s and how’s of PBL. Participants will create lessons that they can take, implement, and use as a model for the development of more lessons. 

Blended Learning Workshop

This course explores blended learning strategies. Participants will practice and deepen their mastery of creating and facilitating a blended learning classroom with the help of the Creative Maker Suite.

FableVision STEAM: Full Steam Ahead with Maker Studio

During this virtual workshop, we will show you how to max out project-based rigor using Fab@School Maker Studio. You will learn how to plan effective lessons, and then take action by creating your own project based lesson plan using Maker Studio.