Woven In Time
by Ms. Debra Haskell
The North Star Navigators' Principal 

Standing in the wind, subject to its whim, my scarf and long hair whipped to my right, my coat twirling around my body, my legs planted firm. The leaves blow by me and are carried, so that their journey is, for a time, navigated by another force, not their own. "I am the navigator," I repeat to myself so that I can convince myself it is true. My affirmations are soothing, and quiet the wind, the one inside, the tempest within...

But, only temporarily. For part of the majesty of life is to turn over the navigation of your goals to a force in nature, to lead you for a time, towards your destination, with a guiding hand you trust is right.

Life is as fragile as a sand dollar, yet as strong as the tidal forces of the sea. To know as we navigate, that at times, another hand and eye guides our path, is one thread of the rich tapestry; the gift of life; the journey of coming to know.

The other threads are woven in time.