Patrick Condon

Digital Media Engineer

Patrick Photo

Patrick Condon has embraced and maintained his childhood. Having entered the world of Graphic Design as a high school sophomore, he discovered a passion for communications that brought him to Fitchburg State University. His creative journey led him to FableVision Learning where he served as a Graphic Design intern before assuming the role of Digital Media Engineer.

At FableVision Learning, Patrick quickly embraced Fab@School Maker Studio, finding unique way to push the online fabrication tool and construct unique projects – like a siege engine. He’s using these skills to further develop Maker Studio activities for the classroom and inspire a new generation of Makers. In addition to his product work, Patrick uses his design prowess to create eye-catching marketing materials, user guides, and images for the web. 

As a yoyo player, inventor, and graphic designer, Patrick is no stranger to creativity. He is passionate for a future where everyone has the tools and creative problem solving skills to lead their own maker lifestyle.