The North Star Smart Stars Survey app

Character Education • Grades 3–12 

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Whimsically designed by Peter H. Reynolds (best-selling author of The Dot, Ish, and The North Star), the North Star Smart Stars app is designed to help students see that there are many ways of being smart and learning. It also helps children realize that although they may not be as strong in certain areas, they can work on those areas over time.

This kid-friendly survey, inspired by Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences theory, includes 9 categories of "Smart": Word, Number, Picture, Music, Body, Self, People, Nature, and Spirit.

The North Star Approach helps your students discover their unique constellation, based on individual talents, interests, hobbies, and strengths. Most importantly, this approach encourages children (of all ages) to reach for the stars and follow their dreams.

Product Features

  • Students answer a series of questions to produce a beautiful animated "constellation" of their Smart Stars.
  • Students learn about their relative strengths and weaknesses in each of the subject areas.
  • Students are able to print constellations, export them as images or PDF files, and send them via email.
  • Students can save an unlimited number of constellations with the option to edit them later (multiple users can save).
  • Teachers and students can print from a gallery of mini-posters by Peter H. Reynolds.
  • Users will discover more information on the North Star Approach to teaching and learning, practiced in classrooms around the world.

Drawing from the app's results, teachers can creatively customize class activities for different students. For example, if certain students are very "Music Smart" or "Picture Smart", a teacher can integrate music or art as a learning tool to help those students specifically.

This app is based on Peter H. Reynolds’ award-winning book and film The North Star, as well as his work with 3rd grade classroom teacher Sue Pandiani, co-author of The North Star Classroom Resource Guide (FableVision Learning). For over 15 years, The North Star has helped teachers encourage students to become self-directed learners and envision a future full of possibility. All lifelong learners will find value in exploring their personal interests and strengths through this playful app.

"Everyone will fall in love with The North Star, as I have. If only every individual could find and follow his or her own star — and be encouraged to do so. How different the world would be. The North Star moves us in that direction."

— Dr. Jane Goodall, Scientist and Chimp Researcher