The following is just a sampling of reviews from a wide variety of fine folks who have enjoyed The North Star by Peter H. Reynolds. We would also like to hear from you. 

Peter Reynolds has captured, in The North Star, the epitome of those basic emotions that we adults remember feeling as we stretched our souls to find our way, early in life. And, each page in this book brings back, afresh, the recollection that, although we may have felt like our trek in pursuit of our elusive future was never to be completed, the importance of our loved ones along the way, giving us guidance, meant more than we could possibly have imagined. Each time I read Peter's words, I refresh my zeal to be a "North Star" guide, realizing that I shall receive guidance, in return. This is a phenomenally important work that should be read by every child, regardless of our age!

-Larry S. Anderson, Ed.D.

Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Technology & Education
Founder, National Center for Technology Planning
Mississippi State University
Chair, Council for Education Technology, State of Mississippi

It is wonderful - really makes a person stop...and think. Each time I look at it, I see something more and think. About life in general and about ones own life. Sometimes, it makes a person realize that they need to rethink their everyday drudgery - life is so short and so special. We can't afford to waste a moment. There really are so many beautiful things in our lives - we just need to take the time to recognize them. When things become overwhelming, I take a few minutes to re-read the story. It never lets me down. The North Staris not just for children - but for the children in all of us.

-Eileen Barnett

Director/Educational Software Coordinator
Instructional Computing
Lesley College, Cambridge


I have fallen in love all over again. It is such a powerful tale....and these new illustrations will appeal to the little girl in every female - be she 6 or 60!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent! You are the best.

-Eileen Barnett

Director/Educational Software Coordinator
Instructional Computing
Lesley College, Cambridge

I happened to stumble across The North Star while in my constant search for classroom materials and writing topics. What a great find! I cannot wait to share this story with my high school students -- especially my senior class who is in the process of mentoring and writing for younger students. Thank you for a soul refreshing moment, it gave me some much needed reassurance that my role as a teacher is still valued somewhere.

- Laurie Bauer

High School Teacher

Reading The North Star felt like someone was smiling at me, and nodding... confirming and celebrating the person I am and the unique life I've lead, and it made me believe it is the kind of life I want to continue leading.

-Maribeth Bush

Abilities/Disabilities Workshop Presenter

I loved your story.

Peter's fable poetically recounts the journey all of us must make through life, and the fearful yet joyful moment when we first make our life's pathway truly our own.

-Fred D'Ignazio

President, Multi-Media Classrooms, Inc.,
Producer, "Classrooms Without Walls" TV, Author of 25 children's books
East Lansing, MI

I just wanted to say that I have been reading The North Star again. It is such a wonderful story. I have read it several times and each time it has new meaning. It gives me inspiration and makes me feel all warm inside. You really are a special person.

-Vivienne Farrell

London, England

Everyone will fall in love with this The North Star, as I have. It is an inspired fable about our journey through life... and the pressures to conform that are exerted on those dreams when they run counter to the expectations of society. It is a book for those who know, or will eventually realize, that what they are doing is not what, in their heart of hearts, they want to do. It is for parents and other educators who seek to develop the unique potential they see in every child. And, with its utterly magical illustrations, it will enthrall the children too. If only every individual could find and follow his or her own star - and be encouraged to do so. How different the would would be. The North Star moves us in that direction.

-Dr. Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall Institute

I read the book on line and I just have to tell you that I was very moved. This is a profoundly spiritual book packaged in a way that readers of all ages can enjoy. Thank you, Peter, for the gift you have given to us all.

-Joanne Halpin

Project Specialist
ITT Sheraton Corporation

I LOVE the addition of the little girl as a character in The North Star! I think that she is perfectly precious--just like Peter's story. Keep up the inspirational work!

-Jennifer Hart

North Star Fan

Reading Peter's The North Star is inspiration to keep seeking. And I know from being a dancer that balance is not a fixed state. It's a process of shifting -- imperceptibly, but constantly.

-Linda Hammet

Simon & Schuster

What a beautiful little story. One that I believe many people would be able to identify with.
I also enjoyed the intertextual reference with the white rabbit (Alice in Wonderland).
This story brought a little tear to my eye....I loved it


Primary Teacher

The North Star helped my fifth grade students trust the process of self-discovery and encouraged them to listen to their inner voices for guidance. I thoroughly enjoyed the book personally as well as professionally!

-Theresa LaPlante

Public School Guidance Counselor
Jack Elementary School
Portland, Maine

A teacher, Sue Pandiani in Bourne, Mass., pointed me to a wonderful work of children's literature on the web this morning. I thought of you all as I read it. You may wish to take a look as you each consider the journey you are beginning.

There is little great children's literature directly available on the web. This is due mainly to the economics of children's lit. Peter's story about the North Star is a wonderful exception.

-Donald J. Leu

Syracuse University

The words and pictures are exquisitely intertwined. I found myself wanting to turn to the next page, while still wanting to linger on the one I'd just read.

This book retraces where we've all been before. All parents and teachers, both new and not-so-new, should read it to "remember" why we've chosen our own particular journeys.

Pete captures both the wonder of knowledge and the excitement of the journey to get there. Oftentimes, we forget both. This is an excellent reminder....

The script was magnificent--not only revealing the words, but accentuating the meaning of the words.

-Marilyn J. Matelski

Dept. of Communication
Boston College

Peter Reynolds' beautifully crafted fable is sure to capture the hearts of children and adults alike. Inspired by a desire to remind students and their teachers of the need for every child to find their own unique path through the often daunting landscape we call school, The North Star is an equally useful navigational tool for all of us finding our true calling in life. A "must-read" for every traveller on the beaten path who has ever asked themself "Where am I going?"

-Diana Michaelson

Mother/Masters Student,
Lesley College

An unusual experience - ageless, timeless and significantly empowering. It elevates the interactivity component of web technology to new heights.

-Mary Mindess

Professor, Child Psychology and Early Childhood Education
Lesley College
Director, Center for Children, Families and Public Policy
Conference Coordinator, New England Kindergarten

Beautiful, profound, touching, lovely book!!!!

-James K. Morrow

Nebula award-wining author of Towing Jehovah

North Star is an
Outstanding book and
Reaches people at the heart and
Teaches people it is nice to be on a journey
Helps people on their own journey and

Sails them the way they want to go and
The place they want to be and
A perfect book for
Reading to your child


3rd Grade Student

Through The North Star's wonderful and sensitive illustrations, we see how a boy finds his own guidance system for life, learning confidence and satisfaction as he discovers his own outer signs and inner instincts.

-Frankie Odom, Facilitator

The Center for Grieving Children
Portland, ME

This book was so kind and gentle to read. I sat and read it alone, out loud and felt the journey of the little boy. I appreciate the young child's inability then ability to find his own way. In today's world being able to find one's own way isn't always easy much less choosing to take the road not taken.

The book was excellent and I look forward to purchasing a copy of it for my class as well as my own children. I rate it up there with Dr. Seuss' Oh the Places You Will Go.

Thanks for sharing the book online.

-Bonnie Owen

5th/6th Grade Special Education Teacher

The North Star is a journey in itself,
from the joys of childhood,
to the questions and doubts of growing up,
to the discovery and belief in oneself.
It is a book for children to lose themselves in...
its illustrations will capture their hearts and carry them away.
It is a book for children to find themselves in...
to be read over and over again. Each time its message becoming a little clearer.
The North Star is an affirmation...
"You are lovable and capable."
Be brave enough to dare to dream,
and strong enough to follow your own path.

-Sue Pandiani

Third Grade Teacher
Ella F. Hoxie School
Bourne, Cape Cod, MA

I love The North Star.

-Seymour Papert

Author "The Connected Family"
M.I.T. Media Lab

Dear Peter,

Your book is an inspiration. Your magic is flowing. Life will end, but your spirit will live on and so will your heart of joy.

The North Star will inspire people to work hard. The words, pictures, and the message are great.


3rd Grade Student

As a very experienced teacher, I'm profoundly moved by the message in The North Star. So rarely in education do we find tools for dealing with the incredibly important affective aspects of learning. How one feels, especially how one feels about oneself, is crucial in the learning process. This book and philosophy help children learn to trust themselves, and become open to learning in very positive ways. Peter Reynolds is a genius who has synthesized our deepest questions in positive ways into a story that is accessible to all.

-Bonnie Price

Orange Grove School
Whittier, CA

I was a Political Science major here at BC until last week when my proposal for an Independent Film Studies major was approved. This makes me only the second Film Studies major here. I discovered that Political Science did not interest me, and I have found an area where, for the first time in college, I enjoy learning and look forward to a possible career in the area. As a result of this change, my life has changed dramatically. I am anxious to learn and excited about my future.

It was recommended that I read the story on the web site because my situation echoed The North Star. This could not have been more accurate.

This is an absolutely amazing story and I would like to know where I can get a copy of the book. My mother is a teacher, who shares your philosophy and has done so in education for almost 30 years now. I know that she would love this story as much as I do.

I wish I could truly explain how absolutely perfectly this story relates to my life, but I can't even think of the words to begin with. I would like to thank Peter for his wonderful story from the bottom of my heart. It is truly remarkable and I will certainly pass this on to many other people. This is something I would like to have so that I might someday to be able to read it to children of my own.

Thank you again.


Samuel Price
Student/Boston College

Kelly and Reema say "We like the way you think of life as a path. We also like the illustrations."

Adrienne says "I like how you wrote the beginning at the end of the book. Acacia says, "It was good...I didn't really understand all of it. I like your illustrations."
There will be more to come.

- Twenty-three 6th grade students and their teacher Lori Robb

The words, the pictures, the boy, the story, the reader, and author, Peter Reynolds, are all exquisite threads in this finely woven tale. The textured cloth that results from the interweaving of each magnificent and equally impressive strand is unique, special and powerful. I came home to my own journey as I traveled and discovered with the boy.

-John Sacco

Workshop Presenter
Tom Snyder Productions

Having had the privilege of working with Peter Reynolds, I know his strong belief in and commitment to an individual's potential; that by following our own North Star, we can accomplish most anything. I look forward to sharing the insight and wisdom of this book with others, particularly my young son, Landon.

-Martin H. Smith

Associate Director
4-H Informal Science Education Projects
University of California - Davis

At a chaotic time when politicians push national testing and parents are hooked on phonics, Peter Reynolds' delightful new book reminds us that the learner is central to the learning process. The North Star understands that learning and schooling are often not synonymous. An educated citizen respects the intellectual passions of others. A personal context for learning ensures that all of us can follow our North Star.

-Gary S. Stager

Adjunct Professor of Education, Pepperdine University

A gentle and magically illustrated story that will inspire you to seek your own path. Read it and share it. This book may change your life.

-Peggy Healy Stearns, Ph.D.,

Educator, Author, Award Winning Children's Software Designer

The North Star is a fabulous reminder to all of us who "guide" that the journey for each of us must be our own. It is a lesson that opens our hearts and minds to the endless possibilities of life and the inspirations of dreams.

I loved it....it has strength and wisdom and passion..congratulations on creating a work of art for the dreamers of the world!

-Terry Stone

Gifted and Talented Teacher/Facilitator
Dedham Middle School
Dedham, MA


Very very cool! Your North Star program is encouraging teachers to reach new heights. Wow! As a strong supporter of your vision, I can only say "congratulations" and press on!

-Javier Villalobos

Apple Computer

The North Star is simply put... a work of art.
It is such a compelling story... with beautiful illustrations.
I can't wait to see it in color!

-Javier Villalobos

Apple Computer

The greatest secrets are also very often the simplest ones. The North Star is a wonderful story that will resonate in your heart with the strength of its simple, and yet enlightening message. It is one of those jewels of literature that everyone will want to share with someone they love.

-Roger Wagner

Educator, Author,
Award-Winning Software Developer
Creator of HyperStudio
President, Roger Wagner Publishing

his is a beautiful story for families to share together.

-Carly Wiggins


I know a guy
His name is Pete
He's one of the neatest souls
You'll ever meet.

He draws with his soul
He writes with his heart
Everything tends to sparkle
When he takes a part.

And so it is with
his book "The North Star"
I have one in my home
I have one in my car (really!)

Kudos to Peter
And, of course, to "bro" Paul
Your mission shines brightly
And sends stars to us all!

-Evelyn J. Woldman

Education Coordinator
Massachusetts Elem. Schl.Principals Assc. Technology Ctr

Absolutely delightful. I will relay the idea to the children after our half term and hope they will gain inspiration. Well done.

-Judith Young

Teacher Special needs