Now you can give your monitor a chance to go on its own North Star journey whenever you're not using it!

This screen saver runs as an independent "Control Panel" on your Mac, or as a part of your "Display" Control Panel on your PC.

For Macs

nsssmac.sea.Hqx (2.2MB)

Use your favorite decompression utility to unstuff your screensaver. If your running a 4.0 browser, chances are its already decompressed. Simply place "The North Star Screen Saver" into your Control Panels folder, and restart.


For PCs (1.3MB)

Unzip your shiny new screensaver, and be sure to take note as to where it goes... Double click "nstarss.exe" to install the saver. Then adjust your "Display" Control Panel accordingly.


Please feel free to share this screen saver with others. Any requests to reproduce in other media should be directed to Paul Reynolds at 888.240.3734 or via email at