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What a wonderful site. I loved The North Star and will plan on using it in my classroom. I also want to thank you for having a site I am proud to visit and am not afraid to have my children visit with me. Thank You!

Kirsten Miller 
Preschool Teacher
Paupack Preschool
March 31, 2004

I just wanted to let you know that I found the book The Dot while looking for a children's book for a class paper. well...that was two weeks ago and I LOVE this book. It has been the subject of two of my papers and become a treasured favorite of mine. A great philosophy to remember when working with children or just interacting with them. Thanks Peter!!!

Lori Peuterbuagh 
Early Childhood Specialist 
March 5, 2004

Your site is really kool. I hope you add more stuff though 'cause it's really a great site.

6th Grade Student
January 13, 2004

Just turned our interests toward Elementary School Programs. With the "Nobody Gets Left Behind" program in California, an opening has produced itself for our talented staff to look at new venues. We are Technology Specialists applying our abilities. We are/were Film Producers with Special effects, Animation, CGI, and Motion capture specialties. This site is simply magical.

Alan J. Wechsler 
Technology Professor 
Tangent Communications Inc.
January 2, 2004

I've developed a passion for responsible and creative media education for children. Not sure if you folks have what I'm looking for but I get a good vibe here and figure that if you champion ethical children's media, you're my kind of people!

Jackie Davis
Movement Educator; Youth Circus Director; Mime 
New Hampshire
December 22, 2003

Dear Peter,

Each year I teach my grade 5 artists how to make accordian books from one sheet of paper. Usually they can fill the book with a visual or written story of thier choice.

This year, another art teacher in my district showed me The Dot and I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE STORY!!! It reminded me of many Art Education graduate courses I took at UMass Dartmouth. In particualr it reminded me of many classes with Dr. Peter London and John Crowe from Mass Art (a guest lecturer at UMD in the summer).

I read The Dot to grade 5 and they really took to it! So, this year I challeneged them to fill their books with dots! Of any kind, shape, texture, etc. I opened up the entire art room in terms of materials to the kids, to see what they could do.

Needless to say, the children were extremely exicted to make their dot books and can't wait to do more!

THANK YOU for writing this fabulous story!

Art Educator
Franklin, MA 
December 11, 2003

I always enjoy your site! I use it for inspiration for both myself and my 8th grade students.

Ginny Okamoto 
Computer Teacher
December 10, 2003

I loved your presentation and was energized by your enthusiasm. My 17 year old son seems to be just the right kind of kid who would love your type of business. I am also looking for ways to put energy into my library media center. Your books will be a great addition.

Martha Allen 
Library Media Specialist
December 8, 2003

I love FableVision you guys are the best

Tammy Shannon 
4th Grade Student
December 3, 2003

I am a fan of your books (and a friend of Holly's). Debra Kaplin said I must see your site and she was right in sending me here. Keep up the good work and one day I must get a signed copy of The Dot. Beautiful.

Tammy Shannon 
Shannon Associates
December 2, 2003

I have to say this is THE BEST internet page I have ever seen! Nowdays it is so hard to be a friendly person -- but when I look at those pictures and read all this words -- my job gets easier:)) Now I will smile more often! THANK YOU!

Metka Janus
November 30, 2003


Your keynote address at the NYSCATE convention in Albany was one of the best I've ever seen... Keep up the good work & goodluck with your new bookstore. Are you going to put the "little man at the rainy bus stop" animation on your website? (We loved it...)

Pat Cavanagh
Teacher/Computer Coordinator
Sayville, NY
November 29, 2003

I think peter is a great artist. it's good he's doing it for a living. the pictures and animations are great!

8th Grade Student
November 21, 2003


Thank you for being everything you are. The students in Orange County, California are a small segment of those of us who sponsor the Young Authors Faire each year. We are so very grateful that you are a part of this exciting event for young people. I cannot even imagine the lives that you've impacted. I know what having you here means to me! Thank you and your staff.

Sallie Pearlman 
Secretary and Super Fan 
Orange County Department of Education
November 5, 2003

Love all that is done at Fable Vision. You are amazing!

Cindi Sekera
San Ramon Valley High School
November 3, 2003

The website, vision, and products resound within my spirit like the North Star. You are an external force of change in education. Thanks for providing inspiration.

Jerry Woodbridge, Ph.D. 
Ph.D. in Educational Technology
Millennial Christian School
September 26, 2003

What a great website, easy to use, visually appealing, (I enjoyed watching the demo to get an idea for what FableVision produces and who you work with)...(I am a student in Paul's class). Hopefully, we can get a tour of your studio/facilities...

Mike Fassel
Boston College
September 16, 2003

I went to a session of Navigating Your Potential, it was an inspiring session and conference. Thank you for the words of encouragement.

Elizabeth Alvarez-Kite 
Asst. Teacher/Artist 
Harrison County School District 
June 14, 2003

Hi! I really think this company would help a lot in educating young minds. Keep up the good work!

June 3, 2003

This site is sooooo cool! There's all kinds of stuff to do! I can't wait to go on again.

6th Grade Student
June 1, 2003

This is an encouraging site. My Ma is an elementary school teacher and teaches adult education too, and if some of the youngins had some more edifying learning they might not be so wild and disrepectful in class.

Even though I am more oriented towards comic books, I still like what Fablevision has and it reminds me of the old Little Golden Story books that I collect, but with a modern face.

Great work.. I hope to sign up my Ma for you newsletters.

T. Wilson 
May 24, 2003

I'm impressed with BrainCogs. I'm hoping to introduce it to my principal. Your website is great!

Penny Berg 
Middle School Reading Teacher
NYC Board of Education 
March 25, 2003

I am very happy to find this site. My students will love it, too.

Catherine Manzanet 
Jose Gautier Benityez School 
February 8, 2003

Peter was wonderful, charming and delightful when he joined us to open the Public Library of Brookline on Saturday, January 26. He was an ideal addition to a celebratory day, perfect for young and old alike. We appreciate his generosity of spirit, time and substance.

Gabriela Romanow 
President, Brookline Library Foundation
Brookline Library Foundation 
February 6, 2003

A great site, we'll be back....thank you.

Paul & family 
Lonsdale Health and Safety Consultants
January 2, 2003

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