North Star
ClipArt Resource Library

Introducing The North Star ClipArt Resource Library...
offering free North Star clip art to educators on the web.

Attention cutting-edge educators! If you have or are planning to build a school, classroom, or learning web site and have been searching for some meaningful, engaging clip art to decorate it, then this is where you want to be!

This whimsical collection of original North Star artwork by Peter H. Reynolds, inspired by the themes of his own book The North Star, is free to use on your own website, as long as it is for non-commercial or non-profit use (educational, institutional, family, etc.).

***Our Clip Art Galleries***

Permission to use: Permission to use the clipart in this resource library is granted freely to non-profitnon-commerical websites. However, we do ask that you insert a credit on your website, similar to the following, (it can be small): "North Star artwork on this web site copyright by Peter H. Reynolds/ FableVision" and link this to "".