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New Creativity Resources

2018 saw a new spin in how we encourage teachers to uncover the meaning of creativity, and explore how to implement it in the classroom: from our Creativity FLOW (FableVision Learning Online Workshops) online, self-paced course to a virtual, 5-day challenge enjoyed by so many teachers this fall.

The challenge brought together educators from all over the world aiming to boost the creativity in their classrooms with one simple idea per day. One teacher commented:

“This time of year is tough, and sometimes teachers get bogged down and stressed. This challenge inspired activities to add to my planning and curriculum for the five days and even gave me ideas for supplemental activities in the future. A five-day challenge is very manageable for teachers. I loved it!”

For a deeper dive into creativity, Sara Smith has created an online workshop for teachers called The Creative Classroom. This course is an exploration of what creativity is and how it can be incorporated into any lesson - in any subject. It presents a research-based model from the prolific creativity researcher E. Paul Torrance and includes fun activities, practical tools, and top notch resources along the way.

Check out this Q and A with the course creator:

Why is creativity important in the classroom?  

Creativity and learning are inextricably linked. We learn better when we use creative skills and use our knowledge to create. Creativity helps us make meaning from our experiences, and isn’t that really what we want happening in our classrooms? Getting creative is also fun and motivating and provides us with a sense of empowerment. Really, at its heart, creativity is problem solving, and as educators, we have a mandate to help students learn to find and solve the challenges they will face in their lives both personally and as members of humanity.

What do you hope teachers will get out of this course?

I want teachers to see that creativity is not some nondescript concept that is impossible to deliberately engage. I want them to see the ways they already bring creativity into their classrooms and feel confident in further incorporating it into their lessons intentionally as well. My hope is that teachers finish this course feeling like they have real, practical ways to increase creativity in their classrooms and the motivation to make it happen.

Why is an online course a great option for teachers?

The nice thing about this online course is that it is accessible from almost anywhere, and it is self-paced. Teachers are busy but still need to be able to keep up with their own learning and development, so this is a flexible way to do that. The hard thing about online courses is that they can feel lonely, so we have created an online Facebook group for anyone taking one of the courses on and have included discussion and collaborative assignments in the course to allow for community interaction.

What are some of your favorite creativity tools and resources?

It’s hard to pick! When I was first studying creativity, so much of what I learned sort of set me free. In my earlier years, I identified with the term “perfectionist,” but when I started practicing creative skills and developing a creative mindset, I felt free to try new things, to take risks, to express myself without worrying whether it was “good enough.” At the same time that deliberately developing one’s creativity can give a perfectionist freedom to try, I think it can also draw out motivation from the withdrawn and provide purpose and intention for the disorganized. Tools for exploring and framing a challenge and divergent thinking have been the most powerful for me.

Two of my favorite resources are The Creativity Post for news and research about creativity and for teachers, the book Weaving Creativity into Every Strand of Your Curriculum by Dr. Cyndi Burnett and Julia Figliotti - an excerpt is provided as part of this course!

How does FableVision Learning offer a unique perspective on creativity?

FableVision Learning casts a wide net to bring in resources and information from experts on the many aspects of creativity, but all from the perspective of learning and education. It makes it a great place to come for a well-rounded understanding of creativity as it relates to teaching and learning. FableVision Learning also maintains a strong focus on the practical application of creative concepts, so it’s not just theoretical ideas being shared, but the tools to try them out, too.

The Creative Classroom course is available now at and those who complete it will receive a certificate of professional development from FableVision Learning. The code TEACHCREATIVE will get you 25% off.