This demo version is just out of the kitchen -- we will be working on the recipe for the next few months. Please bear in mind some important things:

The Program

* Map Maker uses Shockwave plug-in. If you have that, then you're all set and the program should download in less than a minute. If you need Shockwave click here! Depending on your modem speed, the Shockwave Plug-in Installer could take up to 20 minutes of down load time. We promise the rewards will be worth it. While you wait, why not order a faster modem, order an ISDN line from your phone company or contact your cable company to get broadband service which will make downloads 50 times faster!


* It IS possible to print your finished constellation out, but it will rely on your machine's ability to print a screen capture. In the future, we will have a CD-ROM version available as soon as we raise enough money to finish that version. Printing from the CD-ROM will be a snap.


* At the moment, this demo version allows you to add a dozen stars to your constellation... in the coming months we will have versions that will allow for up to 100. The CD-ROM version will allow a limitless constellation. At this time, to keep the download time quick, we have not added the saving module.Your data will not be saved, so be sure to print out your constellation! It won't take long to retype it on a return visit.