What's the overall mission of The North Star website? Author Peter Reynolds points out, "I wanted to create a virtual community . . . a place where my audience of readers and like-minded people could gather . . . a place where the book sparks the conversations and the web community continues the discussion." Our friend Mary Mindess, professor of child psychology and early childhood education at Lesley College and director of the Center for Children, Families and Public Policy, reviewed The North Star website. She reported that it is "an unusual experience --ageless, timeless and significantly empowering. It elevates the interactivity component of web technology to new heights."

Friends & Contributors

Thanks to everyone who helps out not only with this site but for inspiring and being inspired. The North Star "philosophy" isn't anything new. It's people feeling the need to do what makes them comfortable in their life. The following is a list of fine folks that have helped out, contributed ideas and motivated themselves and those around them. Thanks!

Eileen Barnett
Maribeth Bush
William Churchill
Rod Frank
Gary Goldberger
Dawn Haley
Hope Hall
Robert Keough
Brad Larson
John Lechner
Grace Lee
Gail Lovely
Angela McMaster
Diana Doran Michelson
Mary Mindess
Sue Pandiani
Paul Reynolds
Sarah Reynolds
Ed Roseman
Mark Springer
Gary Stager
Peggy Healy Stearns
Javier Villalobos
Evye Woldman
Janet Zietowski

Putting The North Star
to good use...

Following one's North Star is a flexible philosophy. People can adapt it to their lives or vice versa. Even not using it is using it! The "North Star" has been around for so long under different titles that nobody can claim to have invented or even own it.

We're just one site out of many which believes in the inspirational abilities that choosing your own path can take. The world-wide web is a perfect place for a "journey", whether it be a specific destination or just aimless wandering.

Below are links that take you to web sites created by friends of FableVision Press who use The North Star concept to inform and inspire others through their own wonderful idioms and experiences.

Can Do!

An ability focused web site dedicated to helping all people develop a "can-do" attitude and approach to life... no matter what the obstacles. Presented by North Star friend Maribeth Bush.