Kathy Loukos

Kathy Loukos brings decades of experience in business, finances and common sense to help FableVision Learning steer the ship forward. Born in Greece, and emigrating to Boston when she was only nine, she learned English quickly. She learned much from her mother and father about working hard in a new country. That drive to survive and thrive became the bedrock of her way of thinking. Kathy works extremely hard to make sure that the "creative harbor" of FableVision Learning remains open and a welcome place for educators and families, but she also understands "balance." She reminds us all that recharging is key to a happy life, so a few times a year, she slips off to her home in Mytilini, a greek island where her retreat house awaits her. Fortunately for us at FableVision, she knows how to Skype! We try not to bother her, but without her guidance, our ship would not sail as smoothly!

Kathy can be reached at kathy@fablevisionlearning.com