I'm Here

Book and Film


Written and Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds  (Atheneum, Simon & Schuster, August 2011)
Hardcover, 32 pages. For all ages.

I'm here.
And you're there.
And that's okay.


maybe there will be a gentle wind that pulls us together. 
And then I'll be here and you'll be here, too.

Pure, powerful, and deceptively simple, best-selling author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds reminds us that children — and the friendships they make — can take flight in unexpected ways. With a strong anti-bullying message, I'm Here teaches children to stand up for others who may not seem to belong. 

Take a moment to view the short film version of I'm Here, with original story and art by Peter H. Reynolds. The film movingly conveys the loneliness that a child on the autism spectrum often experiences, and the life-changing impact each of us can have when we reach out and embrace them. FableVision Studios created the film for SARRC (Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center). The film includes a powerful musical score by Ruth Mendelson.