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Student Publishing Center with Creative Coaching by Peter H. Reynolds

Imagine having New York Times best-selling author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds in your classroom, inspiring students to write and create all year long!

You can with Get Published!, a web-based digital publishing platform for K-8 classrooms. Peter coaches your students through videos and activities, sharing real-world tips on developing characters and storylines, the value of collaboration and editing, and the joy of publishing books.

Books are saved in virtual bookshelves where they can be shared with classmates, and printed as eBooks. Hard copies of books can also be ordered (separate costs apply for printing by our professional printer).

How it Works

  • In the Academy, teachers will find 36 videos and 31 downloadable activities to share with students

  • Student will explore topics that include:

    • Plot-line development

    • Storyboard sequencing

    • Character development

    • Establishing a personal mission, elevator pitch, brand, and creative identity as an author

  • In the Studio, users create custom book layouts in a page-by-page design interface.

  • Students collaborate with classmates, having the opportunity to both receive and provide editorial feedback as a creative community.

  • When the teacher (aka the Editor-in-Chief!) signs off on the project, the project is finalized as either an e-book on the Bookshelf, or a hard copy that students can save and share! (Separate costs apply for printing by our professional printers)

My students are loving Get Published! The room feels like a writers’ workshop filled with collaborative conversations, sharing of ideas and strategies, and pride in their ability to tell their stories!
— Deal Elementary School, Deal NJ

A Look Inside

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Join Peter H Reynolds at the academy to learn the tips and tricks of professional authors.

Studio Medium Long.jpg

Write and illustrate books in the Studio where the Editor-in-chief (the teacher!) will be able to set assignments and monitor progress, viewing student work in the teacher dashboard.

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Teachers are able to send messages, with suggestions for editing. Students can respond or ask for help through the messaging feature.

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When books are submitted, and the editor-in-chief has published the books, they go to the Bookshelf. The students' bookshelves can be shared with others, or not, at the teacher's discretion.

Any book in the bookshelf can also be ordered as a hardcover book via the teacher dashboard, or by family via a book-ordering link.