Teacher Resources

All of these sites provide resources for teachers - often free - and come highly recommended by your friends at FableVision!

A to Z Teacher Stuff 
A to Z Teacher Stuff is a site filled with worksheets, theme units, and other tools for the classroom. Visit the site to find that extra special something for your classroom today - free!

FunBrain is a site featuring educational games. Teachers may find curriculum ideas and helpful suggestions, while parents and students are encouraged to download Math Baseball, Grammar Gorillas, or Fresh Baked Fractions to play at home. Click on the FunBrain "Reading" link to find "Tess's Tree" - a TeleFable™ created by Fablevision!


Kathy Schrock
As the Administrator for Technology for Nauset Public Schools, Kathy has plenty of experience using technology to augment, or to create curriculum. On her site she advertises presentations and workshops, and discusses technology's place in schools.

Misunderstood Minds
Learning disabilities hinder millions of students, and too many of them slip between the cracks in the public school system. PBS has helped to create Misunderstood Minds, a documentary on children who suffer from these learning disabilities, and the many resources and tools which can help in the classroom and at home.

Sites for Teachers
Sites for Teachers is just that: a constantly updating database of sites with resources for the classroom! Search for activity pages, theme units, and aids for every class from pre-k through to University level.

Words that Cook
Words that Cook is an award winning educational media company, designed to partner with educators to promote literacy. You can find DVDs and books for sale alongside free resources to help your children and students learn to read.

The Institute for Learning Centered Education
The Institute for Learning Centered Education is an international collaborative of more than 60 local school districts BOCES, Teachers Centers, Universities, Parent Organizations, and Resource Providers as well as more than 600 individuals supporting and promoting the use of constructivism as a tool to change from test-centered to student-centered schools.


SuperThinkers is a website that inspires children of all ages to think creatively and develop problem-solving skills. Created by FableVision and featuring "The Peetnik Mysteries" (developed by Peter H. Reynolds), the site is made possible by the Verizon Educational Foundation.

Peter H. Reynolds 
This is the personal website of author/illustrator and founder of FableVision, Peter H. Reynolds. Visit to find out all about Peter's books, school visits, and read some of his inspirational words. Fun for all ages!

The Blue Bunny
The Blue Bunny is a little shop with a big mission, offering books, art, toys, gifts and inspiration. Located in Dedham, MA, this store is owned by Peter and Paul Reynolds, and is an inspiring place to visit either in person or online!

I Was Wondering
Created specifically to spark the interest of young scientists," I Was Wonderin"g is a website filled with games and facts alike, and showcases the accomplishments of women in science. Visitors explore all the science-related areas they might "wonder" about, led by with Lia, their wonder-ful young guide!

Can Do!
For children and grownups of all ages, this is an ability focused web site dedicated to helping all people develop a "can-do" attitude and approach to life...no matter what the obstacles. Created by school counselor Maribeth Bush, and featuring art by Peter H. Reynolds.

Judy Moody Web Site
Here's the official Judy Moody website, based on the bestselling book series written by Megan McDonald and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. Crafted by FableVision and Candlewick Press, this site is packed with fun and games for all ages.

InvestiGator Club
Dilly Gator, Rosalita Sausalita and Manny Salamander are just a few of the animal characters children join in the enticing world of the InvestiGator Club. The big wide world has so much to offer, and just like their animal friends your children can explore a culturally rich world, filled with games that teach math, science, language, social studies, fine arts, and literacy.

Like-Minded Companies

FableVision works with many different companies, organizations and individuals. Click on the link to visit a few of their sites. 

Gary Stager 
Gary Stager is an old friend of FableVision. He’s been on a crusade for the past 20 years to rescue kids and teachers from the testing-machine, and usher in an age of self-directed, inspired learning. We highly recommend his site. It is an amazing collection of ideas, projects, and resources for any educator or parent looking for authentic and engaging learning ideas. Send Gary a note – and tell him we say howdy!

Grimes Reading Institute 
Founded and Directed by Sally Grimes, the Grimes Reading Institute provides instruction and training for educators of all storts in state-of-the-art reading practices.

Incentive Publications
Incentive Publications is a partner of FableVision. The publishing company specializes in middle school educational resources and effective teaching strategies. Look on their website and see if you can find the book cover designed by Peter H. Reynolds!

Lintor Make-A-Book Publishing
The Lintor Make-A-Book, Inc. software allows students to publish their work - what a great incentive in any classroom! Many teachers have found that Lintor's software teams up especially well with FableVision's Stationery Studio.

Maryland Public Television
In January 2007, Maryland Public Television selected FableVision as a collaborator on a new online math program geared towards pre-algebra students. Maryland Public Television's mission of informing, inspiring, and moving communities of students, families, and educators to become lifelong learners.

Promethean Educational Software
An educational software company, Promethean is dedicated to improving the quality of education through technology. Their interactive approach to learning puts them right on the FableVision wavelength!

Candlewick Press
Candlewick Press is an old friend of FableVision. They are publishers of children's books, including The Dot, Ish, and So Few of Me - "stories that matter" by FableVision's Peter H. Reynolds.

Constructivist Consortium
The Constructivist Consortium was established in 2007 to promote student empowerment, creativity, and the use of technology in education. Alongside FableVision are five other companies worth exploring:

Who's Watching FableVision?

FableVision products are making news! Check out a few of the associations and companies which have reviewed FableVision.

Parents' Choice Foundation 
The Parents' Choice Foundation identifies books, games, films, and software programs which meet and exceed standards set by educators, professionals in a variety of fields, and kids. Awards are given to top products, ranging from the Seal of Approval to the coveted Gold Award.

Super Kids 
Super Kids: Education for the Future reviews software and educational tools on a regular basis. Check out the review for FableVision's Stationery Studio program in the "Art" section!

Created by Maryland Public Television in conjunction with John Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education, the Thinkport is a website of resources geared towards Maryland educators. Become a member for free and you can find podcasts created with FableVision.

American Library Association
The American Library Association is the oldest and largest in the world. As part of its mission, the ALA presents the Carnegie Melon Award for excellence in children's video each year. In 2005 FableVision was a recepient of the award for The Dot.