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Our NYC District 75 Middle School After School Program is in year 5!  We love working with the largest special needs district in the country and seeing how the digital storytelling program increases student self-worth and confidence.  

Our annual June Gala with author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds allows students to share their books and animations with him.

This summer, we also inspired transition students with new ideas for careers in our customized animation CTE program.  As one student said, “I didn’t know you could have a job doing this!”

In Yuma, AZ, we are in our third year of partnership, developing programs for creative solutions.  This year’s goal is to focus on district identified math and reading skills with systematic implementations of design and fabrication using Fab@School Maker Studio.

In Wake County, NC, we are collaborating on campaigns aimed to increase creative play in the classroom, focused on specific reading and math skills in addition to the whole child.

In Miami-Dade, FL, we have kicked off a middle school animation CTE pilot providing equity of access to creative education opportunities for ALL students.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership with FableVision Learning, please contact us!