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National Kind Teacher Award Program

Excerpt: "The National Kind Teacher Award Program honors pre K-12 classroom teachers who include humane lessons in the curriculum or inspire students to act on behalf of animals in an effective, innovative manner. The Humane Society of the United States and its affiliates have given this award annually since 1981, recognizing outstanding teachers who consistently incorporate humane education into the curriculum and/or motivate students to get involved in community service for animals."

Deadline: February 15, 2016
Award: National recognition
Source: http://www.humanesociety.org/forms/humane-teacher-of-the-year-award-nomination-form.html

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MathMovesU Middle School Scholarship

Excerpt: "Each year, MathMovesU® awards 150 middle school students nationwide $1,000 scholarships to attend math and science camps and programs, or to save the money for college. Raytheon also donates a $1,000 matching grant to each winning student's middle school."

Deadline: February 7, 2016
Award: $1,000
Source: http://www.mathmovesu.com/about-mathmovesuscholarships/mathmovesu-middle-school-scholarship

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Canvas Grants 2016

Excerpt: "For the second year in a row, we’re granting your most inspired wishes for K-12 and higher education with Canvas Grants totaling $100k. And this year, we’re investing 100 percent of that $100k for your 15 most innovative ideas to help find, understand, and address the causes of lossy learning. As part of Canvas’ lossless learning initiative, we’re challenging you to find new ways to maximize student learning potential. You find an innovative solution to help teachers and students move toward lossless learning."

Deadline: January 23, 2016
Award: $5,000 for K-12, $10,000 for Higher Ed
Source: http://www.canvaslms.com/canvasgrants/

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Vernier Engineering Contest

Excerpt: "Vernier Software & Technology is committed to helping educators develop the next generation of engineers and scientists. To show our support, Vernier will recognize three instructors, one middle school, one high school, and one college instructor, with the Vernier Engineering Award. This $5,500 award will be presented to instructors who are creatively using Vernier sensors to introduce engineering concepts or engineering practices."

Deadline: January 15, 2016
Award: $5,500
Source: http://www.vernier.com/grants/engineering/

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Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries

Excerpt: "The mission of the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries is to help school libraries (a) encourage and foster a love of reading; (b) support student learning; and (c) make books and reading materials available to students who otherwise would not have access to them."

Deadline: December 15, 2015
Award: $7,000 maximum for your library
Source:  http://www.grantsalert.com/grants/all/1411/Laura-Bush-Foundation-for-America's-Libraries-Grants

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N-Visioning a Brighter Future Grants

Excerpt:"Schools and teachers who want their students to learn more about STEM through a hands-on project should apply for this grant. The grant money will be used to fund the project based on the guidelines below under the projects considered for funding."

Deadline: November 14, 2015
Award: $3,000

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2015 Mantis Tiller Award

Excerpt: "For the past 19 years, Mantis has provided the Mantis Awards to charitable and educational garden projects that enhance the quality of life in their host communities. To date, Mantis has provided 321 programs with tillers. This year, NGA will select 25 outstanding applicants to receive Mantis tillers/cultivators."

Deadline: March 6, 2015
Award: A Mantis Tiller/Cultivator ($349 Value)
Source: http://grants.kidsgardening.org/2015-mantis-tiller-award