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Award winning author/illustrator/educator and founder of FableVision Learning, Peter H. Reynolds has been leading a charge for creativity in the classroom, exhorting teachers to Create Bravely. His 3 books, The Dot, Ish and Sky Color are his Creatrilogy, where he gently encourages teachers to encourage creative potential, to develop the attitudes and thinking skills that supports innovation.

His dream has been to extend support to teachers in new ways, which has brought about The Creativity Circle International, a global community and professional development program for teachers.

The need has never been greater! Today’s students face some of the future’s most fascinating and impactful challenges. It is time for us to empower our students to develop the tools, skills, and mindset required to navigate and contribute to the world creatively. But it isn’t always easy as a teacher faced with constraints of curriculum and testing. We need to work together to forge the way. Together we can light the path of creative learning and action along which students learn to solve real-world problems, find and grow their strengths and passions, and create bravely! 

Join the Creativity Circle International now for the following benefits:

  • Enjoy a community of like-minded educators to share, question, discuss, and get support from each other with private member page and account

  • Enrollment in our groundbreaking online Creative Educator Course with Certification. The program provides new content every month for the first year.

  • Monthly podcast by Peter H. Reynolds and guests

  • Monthly blog on creativity delivered right to you

  • 10% discount coupon on all Peter H. Reynolds books at The Dot Central

  • 10% discount coupon on all FableVision Products

  • Invitation to regional gatherings at a discount

The goal of the Creativity Circle International is stop the decline in creativity through the energies of one teacher at a time, one classroom at a time.

Lead the Way:

Companies are listing creativity as a top needed skill that is only growing in importance, and schools are recognizing their mandate to cultivate creativity in order to support student success. Educators that hold the Creative Educator certification will be prepared to coach other teachers to make their classrooms and lessons more creative and more supportive of creativity.

Show your Passion:

Let your colleagues, administration, and community know that you care and know about creativity. While many people know that creativity is important, very few understand how to deliberately develop it. You can be at the forefront of a movement toward more creative education.

Grow your Skill:

Creativity makes for better learning and stronger engagement. Students in creative classrooms don’t just learn content, they take action, come up with innovative ideas, and solve real problems. Learn practical techniques for bringing about creative engagement in lessons that make learning more meaningful and empower students to be confident agents of positive change. At the same time, grow your creative skills that can improve your life inside and outside of the classroom. 

Strengthen your Community of Practice:

Surround yourself virtually with other creative educators so you can share ideas, get inspired, and find support. Connect with other enthusiastic teachers that are making a difference in education.

Annual membership is $50/teacher.

A certificate of professional development hours is available from FableVision Learning (continuing education credit is subject to state and district requirements).

For more information, email