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Join the Creativity Circle International and Become Certified

We have developed a unique online course to bring you up-to-date knowledge on the field of creativity and how it relates to your classroom. It is practical in nature, allowing you to adopt small but important changes to your classroom that will make impact on your students’ creative outlook.

As a member of this community you be automatically enrolled in our groundbreaking online course. The program will provide new content every month for the first year and covers all the aspects of creativity in the context of teaching and learning, and shares how you can become a trailblazing creative educator!

Upon successful completion of the program, you can earn a certificate and badge as a Certified Creative Educator.

What the course covers:

  • Month 1: What creativity means and why it is important

  • Month 2: Creative learning environments and classroom set-up

  • Month 3: Preparation for strength-based teaching

  • Month 4: Implementing divergent thinking and creative processes in the classroom

  • Month 5: A model for creative lesson planning

  • Month 6: Cultivating a creative mindset and classroom culture

  • Month 7: Creativity and classroom management

  • Month 8: Motivation and autonomy in the classroom

  • Month 9: Student feedback & reflection

  • Month 10: The creativity-learning link

  • Month 11: Words matter: the art of responding

  • Month 12: The creative classroom manifestoEnjoy a community of like-minded educators to share, question, discuss, and get support from each other.

You will be able to implement what you learn easily and be able to share thoughts with all of the other members of the community.

And you will receive a Certification of Completion in recognition of your work. You can present the certification for PD hours to your district to apply for PD credits locally.

For more information, email