Beghetto’s "Beautiful Risks": A Review

What risks have you taken lately in your classroom? Are you more likely to see risks as reckless or worthwhile?

In Beautiful Risks: Having the Courage to Teach and Learn Creatively, Dr. Ron Beghetto describes how we can look at, and think about, risk-taking in our classrooms so as to minimize the hazards and optimize the benefits.

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Teachers Change the World with Creative Strengths Spotting

As teachers, how can we change the world most powerfully?

By unlocking the strengths of our students.

Think of Peter H. Reynolds's seventh grade math teacher, who saw him doodling and called him aside after class. Mr. Matson didn't admonish him, but asked if Peter would use his drawing skills to create a comic to illustrate to the class the difficult math concept they were learning. Talk about impact!

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