Winter Design Challenge!

We want to see YOUR creativity shine in FableVision Learning’s Winter Design Challenge!

Oh no, ten feet of snow has been accidentally dumped in front of the school’s front door by the Department of Public Works! Your students' Winter Design Challenge? Design a creative solution to remove that mountain of snow . . . without calling the DPW back to help.

We invite you to design a challenge for this lesson plan!

Create a lesson plan that invites students to use design thinking and creative problem solving to tackle this challenge. Of course, the FableVision Learning team would like to see them using Fab@School Maker Studio to create prototypes of their solutions, or to use Animation-ish animation software to visualize their inventions and how they'd work.

What to Do: Create a Winter Design Challenge Lesson plan that uses Animation-ish and/or Fab@School Maker Studio that solves the proposed problem.

How to Submit: Email your completed lesson plan and winter design challenge prototypes to the FableVision Learning team at

The lesson plans that we pick to feature on our site will win a free, signed "Create, Make, Innovate!" makerspace print by Peter H. Reynolds! 

Deadline: Tuesday, February 28, 2017