Electric motorcycle team from Holland is inspiring students to STEAM AHEAD

Fifty days into the 80-day world journey, STORM Eindhoven, a team from Holland, arrived on the West Coast of the United States on an electric motorcycle. As they head down the coast and across the country, FableVision Learning’s STEAM-Infused Curriculum team is cheering them on and working with students on a truly unique STEAM experience. 

wenty-three students from Eindhoven University of Technology in Holland have embarked on a challenge: to tour the world on self-developed electric motorcycle. Their trek on the STORM Wave, the world's first electric touring motorcycle, started in August and is powered by the STORM GRID: a worldwide network of plug-in locations. You can track the journey, here, or on Twitter by following #STORM80Days.

Join the STORM
The STORM STEAM-Infused Curriculum projects places students in the engineer’s seat. Through this interactive hands-on program, your students can build a mini replica of the electric motorcycle that is currently traveling the world in 80 days.

All of our programs are project-based with embedded STEAM elements for a dose of inspiration to create bravely and make your mark on the world. Want to learn more? Email the team at steam@fablevisionlearning.com.