Stellar Voyage Poster by Peter H. Reynolds!

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UPDATE: Although this poster is no longer available for free, you can now find it in our online store — along with other inspiring printable posters by Peter H. Reynolds!***

In honor of the release of The North Star Smart Stars Survey iPad® app, we are happy to offer this downloadable Stellar Voyage poster by Peter H. Reynolds at no cost, now through November 9, 2012!

After that, you will be able to find this downloadable poster in the growing collection in our online store.

This poster serves as a gentle reminder for kids (and grown-up kids) to listen to their inner compass. Similarly, The North Star Smart Stars Survey app helps students identify their own strengths, talents, hobbies, and interests — empowering them to better navigate their own meaningful, lifelong journeys. Explore the app today and share YOUR constellation with colleagues, friends, and family!


This beautiful poster is also available as a 10.5" x 14" print at the Reynolds Brothers' Blue Bunny Books & Toys store in Dedham, MA!