Live Wire Learning Community Project Encourages Creativity & Self-Expression

What if students had access to the same set of creative software in their schools, in their community center, and in their local library? They can, thanks to a partnership between Boston Public Schools, Boston Public Library, Boston Center for Youth and Families, and FableVision.In March 2010, the Live Wire Learning Community Project was launched at the Dorchester/Franklin Field CLI site. Complementing Mayor Thomas Menino's Community Learning Initiative, the project seeks to connect traditional "silos of learning" to accelerate learning and skill development for students.The launch was made possible in part by donations from FableVision, Candlewick Press, and Wacom. Every teacher and classroom in grades 2–5, as well as the community center and library, received a collection of Peter H. Reynolds' books (The Dot, Ish, The North Star), software from FableVision Learning (SmartMoves, BrainCogs, Essay Express, Stationery Studio, and Animation-ish), and professional development and support from FableVision Learning and the Boston Public Schools.In this video, Troy Smith of the Perkins Community Center and Ellen Stonkus of Lee Elementary School talk about the program and how it is helping students express their ideas and knowledge. You’ll also hear from the students themselves, as they discuss the projects they’ve been working on in Animation-ish and what they have been learning by using the software!