Make Your Own Stationery In Stationery Studio!

Our Lead Ambassador Terry Shay has created some fantastic directions for making your own stationery with Stationery Studio:Stars DotsGraphic Create a design using your favorite graphics program, like ArtRage Studio Pro or Photoshop. The size of the graphic should be 8 ½ " by 11" or 11” by 8 ½” and 72 dpi resolution. While designing, you want to keep in my the text area you wish to have.Launch Stationery Studio and select "New Stationery"

Stationery Studio-1

Choose any of the sets

Stationery Studio2-1-1

At the bottom of the list of designs and select either horizontal or vertical border (whichever you have prepared.)

Stationery Studio3-1-1

Take the previously created image, open it in a graphics program and select copy. Then just paste it in to the blank Stationery Studio Template!


Use the handles on the graphic and stretch your artwork to the size of the screen.

SS final-1

If the margins for the text box aren't quite right, you can use the Margins Tool (last option on the right under Layout) to adjust them. StStmarginsUnder the "file" menu, select "Save as Template" and you are ready.You can use Photoshop brushes to create some really striking templatesEphoto FrillGraphicHorizontal exampleMetallicGraphicSS Stationery Studio is the most amazing program with 438 awesome borders and shapes!


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