Success with SmartMoves!

We received this message from an Ambassador, Afrika:"I just finished up teaching a literacy course for Parkside Christian Academy's Summer Program.  The school is located in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston (my own children attend this school, and my husband and I serve on the Advisory Board), and I taught three groups of children - ages 6-7, 8-9, and 10-13.  I opened each class with SmartMoves, and so many of the students loved it! I tried to have them all progress sequentially from Simple, to Simple Too, etc., but when they saw the Challenging and Formidable options, they wanted to jump ahead ;).  It definitely helped students to transition and to focus on learning.  The bodily-kinesthetic learners were particularly psyched to have movement as a part of the class.Anyone else have Smart Moves success stories? Peace til later . . .Love, Afrika"