Wings of Epoh - A classroom response

Wings of EPOHWritten by famed Holocaust survivor and author, Gerda Weissmann Klein, and lovingly illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds, "Wings of Epoh" tells the amazing story of an autistic boy who takes a journey with an unlikely friend, a butterfly named Epoh (hope spelled backward).  A teacher from Nebraska writes about her experience with the video, "Wings of Epoh.""We watched the EPOH video this afternoon (indoor recess). Anyway my students got a lot out of it. Here are some responses during our discussion:1.       You should be kind to others and help them w/creativity.2.       If you see someone at recess who is alone you should play w/them.3.       Include everybody!!4.       If someone asks to join in, say yes.5.       Treat others as you would want to be treated.6.       If you want someone to play w/you ask w/respect.7.       If someone wants to play w/you say yes even you don’t feel like it.8.       Be kind to everyone.9.       Use your manners with your friends.10.     Never give up on the things you want out of life!!11.     If someone is sad make them happy.12.     Have hope!13.     Show everyone respect.14.     Let everyone play w/you.It obviously got through to them!! "